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Gordon Ramsay: 11 Essentials Every Chef Should Have

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Gordon Ramsay: 11 Essentials Every Chef Should Have

There are so many different kitchen gadgets on the market that choosing the right ones can be a little daunting. Which ones do you really need and which ones will actually make the job of preparing food easier?

Gordon Ramsay has just released a new video in which he goes through the core essentials that every chef should have in their kitchen.

The chef covers some of the basics, such as what to actually look for when purchasing a new saucepan, what knives you really need and why a sieve is such a useful tool – if it has a long handle.

If you want to kit yourself out with all the things you need for cooking like a pro, then this is a perfect place to start.

He even talks about the virtues of buying a great peeler and why it’s actually a pretty important purchase that many chefs overlook.

Don't miss this hilarious video of when a chef tried to serve Ramsay one of his own dishes. 


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