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8 Beautiful Instagram Food Accounts

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8 Beautiful Instagram Food Accounts
We love Instagram at FDL HQ and we’re constantly posting our best food finds on the photo sharing app.
One of our favourite pastimes is to check the FDLmoment hashtag and see what you’ve been sharing with us, and, as with everyone on Instagram, we also have some of our favourite pages.
Below we’ve compiled a list of eight of the best Instagram food accounts. They’re in no particular order and they’re not necessarily the biggest names in the business – they’re just a collection of Instagram food accounts we think are worth a nod. 
Take a look and be sure to share your favourites with us on Facebook
@Diegopradovs – Diego is a chef at the Basque Culinary Centre. This is an exciting profile that’s sure to show you a few ingredients, dishes and techniques you may not have encountered before. 
@AlifeWorthEatingAdam Goldberg is the big hitter on this list with 244,000 well earned followers. A pro photographer with an eye on gastronomy, you’re sure to see some top snaps on this profile. 
@ChefCicioni Daniela Cicioni is an Italian chef who cooks vegan, raw and macrobiotic food. She’s super creative and her dishes are just so colourful – check out her page. 
@JaniceWong2am - Chef wong rocks desserts like no other chef on the planet right now – colourful and creative, this is the place to have that sweet tooth joyfully stroked. 
@TheArtofPlating – Pure food porn galore – need we say more? 
@KirstenAlana – This is not really about the food, this is where we go to escape. The travel writer and photographer is constantly on the go, capturing beautiful imagery and moments from all over the world and when they do involve food, it's normally mouthwatering. 
@ChefElijahHolland – The only chef to make the list is Elijah Holland, an Australian born chef who was the chief forager for Noma’s Sydney pop-up. He captures all sorts of ingredients we’ve never encountered before – a great place for learning and inspiration. 
@NidaBarake – A serious eater who is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting culinary adventures – check out this page to see what’s happening in gastronomy right now. 
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