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The Harlem Michelin Shake

By FDL on

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The Harlem Michelin Shake

If you spend anytime online you'll know it's been difficult to avoid the latest web craze, The Harlem Shake.

It involved groups of people unexpectedly dancing and is a sensation that has spread as far as the Norwegian Army and a fire station in America. In fact, the craze shows no sign of slowing and has finally made it's way into a Michelin starred kitchen.

A team professing to be from inside the Tru Restaurant kitchen in Chicago have posted one of the first kitchen based Harlem Shakes online.

The video was posted by the restaurant's chef Anthony Martin on YouTube and has so far received over 6,000 views in just four days. The video is funny but the chef's answers to some of the questions in the comment section are even better. Asked by one user if "this is what happens behind the scenes of all Michelin Star restaurants?" Martin responded by saying, "Mr. Robuchon actually taught me the shake."

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