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The 101 Best Food Trucks in America

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The 101 Best Food Trucks in America
Photo Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

The Daily Meal have released their list of the 101 Best Food Trucks in America for 2013. From taco trucks to burger bars and even those places on four wheels serving up Sous Vide dinners and high-end French cuisine.

With food trucks now making up a huge part of the gastronomy around the world this is a look at some of the best options available across the U.S.

Los Angeles sits on top of the list with 16 food trucks followed by San Francisco with 11 and New York with 10.

Below is the top ten food trucks in America according to the Daily Meal and here you can see the full list.

1 Red Hook Lobster Pound (New York City)
2 Kogi BBQ (Los Angeles)
3 Fojol Brothers (Washington, D.C.)
4 Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (New York City)
5 The Lime Truck (Orange County, Calif.)
6 East Side King (Austin, Texas)
7 Rickshaw Stop (San Antonio)
8 The Cinnamon Snail (New York City)
9 Where Ya At Matt (Seattle)
10 Chef Shack (Twin Cities)

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