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10 of The Best Food Podcasts to Listen to Now

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10 of The Best Food Podcasts to Listen to Now

The new generation of podcasts are better, more clever and entertaining than ever. Whether you are a chef, a foodie, a home cook, or just looking for something to tune into on the daily commute, there are plenty of high quality food podcasts to get hooked on and we’ve rounded up some of the best. 

Get in on the real conversation with Michelin star chefs, scientists, celebrities, award-winning journalists and comedians who all share a common passion for food. 

From investigative stories on food culture, through provoking storytelling, critical views on the food industry, or just funny banter about our love of fast food, there really is something for everyone. 

Check out our picks of the best food podcasts available now.


Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold is a chef, inventor, and founder of the Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn. His molecular gastronomy blog, which he had for several years has a huge chef following, but in recent years he has switched over to podcasts. Whether it’s a question on ike-jime, the Japanese fish killing technique, sous vide or making great pizza - Dave Arnold has the answers. 


The David Chang Show

Chef David Chang talks about food and culture in the way that he is, forthright and unfiltered. Apart from food, he is a huge fan of sports, music, art and film, and you’ll find all of this as he talks about inspirations, failures and fame with famous guests from a range of backgrounds, like Olympics snowboarder Chloe Kim, Master of None co-creator Alan Yang, and three-star Michelin star chef Joshua Skenes.


From why the carrot is orange, to how the American mango lost its flavour, geek out with this fortnightly series hosted by Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley who tackle the hidden stories and science behind different foods through their in-depth, fortnightly episodes. They visit labs, talk to experts to report stories that explain topics on food that will make you the smartest person at the dinner party.

Milk Street Radio

Milk Street travels all over the globe to ask the questions and get answers about cooking, food, culture, wine, farming, restaurants, literature and more. From street food in Thailand to a bakery in a Syrian refugee camp to how one scientist uses state of the art pollen analysis to track the origins of honey, the team at Milk Street Radio will keep you in the know about what’s happening in the world around us. 

Bon Appétit Foodcast

Bon Appétit magazine’s podcast has something for everyone. From coverage on restaurants, the best chefs and cooking techniques, think of it as a casual moment with the team behind the widely distributed food magazine.

Savorpod by How Stuff Works

Why do we like what we like? Go deep into the history and science of your favourite foods like Thanksgiving turkey, Halloween candy corn, or the humble pecan pie, as hosts Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum interview the creators of food and drink to give you insight you won’t find anywhere else. 


“Sporkful isn’t for foodies, it’s for eaters.” Listen to like-minded food obsessed people, from celebrity chefs to food scientists, as they get serious on cultural topics such as race and sex but also get some laughs as they spill the beans over how they prepare the strangest dishes that they like to eat. 


Easy to digest 30 minute episodes from the Southern Food Alliance investigates and documents the stories of the people behind Southern food culture. Hear them out on their heartwarming stories about the Swamp Witches, (a group of duck hunting women), or the story of the first African American owner and operator of a catfish plant in America.   

Radio Cherry Bombe

From the California-based Cherry Bombe magazine that celebrates women in food, Radio Cherry Bombe features interviews with some of the most creative women in food, both young and established, as they share their experiences, mishaps and lessons working in the industry.

The Kitchen Sisters Present

The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva) are producers of the James Beard Award-winning NPR series Hidden Kitchens. Get lost with their storytelling, listening to stories about chicken pill-taking culture of Jamaican girls and learn about the explosion of ‘food manga’ in Japan.

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