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The Best Designed New Restaurants in America

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The Best Designed New Restaurants in America
A well designed restaurant is a joy, but one that most people pay little attention to. 
Though many might not notice great design when it's right in front of them, a restaurant that has been well thought out provides an added level of comfort that adds to the entire experience of dining out. Just think of the times a decent meal has been spoiled because the sound in a restaurant is like the inside of a cave, or those places that choose weird shaped tables that can fit about two starter plates on them.
To celebrate great design in restaurant Bon Appétit have compiled a list of the Best Designed New Restaurants in America. 
The publication picked Leo's Oyster Bar in San Francisco as the winner of the best designed new restaurant, describing the place as a "Mad Men set you can drink in".
Runners up included: Winesome in Los Angeles; 3 Arts Club Cafe in Chicago; N7 in New Orleans; and Tilda All Day in New York.
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