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24 of The Best Cooking Shows Ever Made

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24 of The Best Cooking Shows Ever Made
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Thrillist have ranked the best tv cooking shows ever made with Julia Child’s The French Chef, which introduced home cooks around the world to the delights of French cooking, coming out on top.

It seems that no matter where you click on television these days you can be pretty certain to find yourself a cooking show, some good, some bad.

With this in mind Thrilist have ranked 24 of The Best Cooking Shows of All Time - Jamie Oliver is featured alongside the television’s favourite shouty chef Gordon Ramsay who appears twice.

Below is the top ten ranking, you can see the rest over on Thrillist with descriptions of each of the shows and explanations as to why they’re the best. You may even spot some you’ve never seen before.

1 - Julia Child - The French Chef 
2 - Good Eats 
3 - Iron Chef 
4 - Molto Mario 
5 - East Meets West with Ming Tsai 
6 - Top Chef 
7 - America's Test Kitchen 
8 - Chopped 
9 - Two Fat Ladies 
10 - The Naked Chef 


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