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4 Videos That Show How the Best Chefs Knives Are Made

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4 Videos That Show How the Best Chefs Knives Are Made

We love great chef knives here at FDL HQ and we spend a lot of our time searching for and highlighting the people behind some of the world’s best chef knives.

Throughout the years we’ve come across some amazing chef knife finds and below we’ve decided to highlight some of the best chef knife makers we believe are out there today.

A great chef knife needs to be made with love, by hand, and by someone who has worked to master the craft.

That’s why first on the list is Bob Kramer, perhaps the maker of the most sought after chef knives in the world. Kramer produces one knife that forged from melted meteorite. Some of his knives clock in well over $10,000 but a look at the video below shows you why people love them so much. Anthony Bourdain is one of his biggest fans.

Meteorite Knives 


Japanese Knives 

It wouldn’t be a knife making video without a trip to Japan and for this we’ve chosen to watch the master knife maker Itsuo Doi as he forges as a knife from start to almost finish, in fact it’s actually a little frustrating not to see him give the knife that final polish and sharpen.

Chinese Cleaver 

Now, what about those huge Chinese cleaver style chef knives. For that we’ve found a video that shows the traditional method of using a big hammer to forge the metal.

Pro Sharpening 

And for those who still can’t get over the fact that Itsuo Doi doesn’t finish the knife in his video, here’s one more video of knife maker Norikatsu Nishimura sharpening one of his blades.

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