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51 Best Burgers in America by State

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51 Best Burgers in America by State
Photo Thrillist

Is there really any food more divisive than the burger? It’s loved by most but ideas on what actually constitutes the best burger are hotly contested. Just ask the question with friends at a dinner table in any major city, “where’s the best burger round here?”, and you’ll quickly see how varied opinions are.

In places like New York the task of trying all the burgers that come highly recommended by the locals could take a person years to complete.To make the task of locating a great burger in the U.S a little easier, Thrillist have created a list of the best burgers in America by every state.

They promise they’ve visited every place on the list and wrapped their lips around the sweet patties and spongy breads of some of the best burgers in America.

It’s the Brindle Room in New York that comes out on top if any was wondering, you can see the whole list on Thrillist and be sure to check the comments to see just how contested the results are.

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