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You Won't Believe How Airline Food Used to Look

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You Won't Believe How Airline Food Used to Look

We’ve all coughed at the sight of a sloppy airline meal, that moment when you release the seal and realise it’s going to be rough. There’s entire websites dedicated to shaming bad airline food, and others created to highlight just how good the best airline food can be. 

First Class is a different world for food and it seems it’s always been this way, as these classic pictures from Scandinavian Airlines show.

The pictures, published to mark SAS Airline's 70th anniversary, reveal flyers from the 1950s to the 1980s, as they relish fine spreads of food that include lobster, caviar and even freshly sliced hams. That’s right, they used to carve meat for people 'aisle-side'.

They actually did a lot more than that, the pictures show an inflight sommelier serving bubbles to guests and one cart that's stacked high with piles of lobster.

It’s actually pretty weird to see how much lavish food was knocking around on these flights, as the smiling guests lap–up what seems a princely pile of grub.

Take a look for yourself and don't miss this story on what it's like to eat three Michelin starred cuisine on a flight. 


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