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Meet the World's Most Prolific Trip Advisor Reviewer

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Meet the World's Most Prolific Trip Advisor Reviewer
Photo Bernardo Famorca

Not so long ago we introduced you to a man who was knocking out close to three TripAdvisor reviews a day. Now we've found someone who's almost doubled that.

Bernardo Famorca, who posts under the username Bernardo F, was TripAdvisor's top commenter in the world in 2016. At time of writing he's posted a staggering 5355 reviews of hotels, restaurants, airlines, shops, parks and even malls, with 2000 in 2016 alone.

Famorca is from New York and travels regularly for his job, spending roughly half the year on the road. Speaking to The Sun, he said: “I stay in a lot of hotels and I eat out three times a day, so I review everywhere I go now – I even review if I order in food ... It’s more than a hobby because I spend so much time on it – I enjoy it because I get to see lots of unique things."

Famorca warns however, not to take every reviewer at his or her word: “You have to disregard a lot of the scathing reviews on there because some people are just unhappy people. Others are just trying to get a cut rate on a new stay or a refund," he says.

Apparently he also has his own fan club, which it's unlikely this particular TripAdvisor reviewer has. 

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