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Adria, Roca and Andoni in Berlin - The Spanish Web Spreads

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Adria, Roca and Andoni in Berlin - The Spanish Web Spreads

Three of Spain's biggest chefs have visited Berlin as part of an open dialogue between the two countries. Joan Roca, Ferran Adria and Andoni Aduriz visited the German capital as part of Berlin's Culinary Summit.

Adria, bold and passionate, presented his Bullipedia project with the usual Adria Vigor - at one point, he stood with a glass of tomato juice held high, asking the crowd "what's this?" After they announced juice he placed it in a bowl and said 'soup', he then explained how with a few simple cooking techniques it could be reduced and become a sauce.

He was pointing how food changes and how just one ingredient can take on many forms - something that he will tackle with his expansive Bullipedia project. Alongside Adria, Joan Roca presented his el Somni project and chef Andoni Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz was also on hand to represent the height of Spanish cuisine.

An open advocate of sharing information and knowledge, Adria claimed events like the summit were important in helping maintain a strong dialogue between the two countries.

The chefs presence also helped in supporting two new Catalan chefs who have recently opened new restaurants in Germany. Former elBulli chef Albert Raurich who opened 'Casa Camper' in the Berlin Hotel and Paco Pérez who opened 'Five' at the Stue Hotel, also in Berlin.

It seems the web of young Spanish chefs is slowly starting to spread across Europe and that they have the strong support of some of the original innovators who helped place Spain on top of the culinary ladder.

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    Love the tomato thing,we use so many here in Spain and have such a fantastic variety.
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