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Bees in Berkeley Middle Schools

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Bees in Berkeley Middle Schools

A new scheme in Berkeley aims to put a beehive in every middle school in the area. The campaign is being led by the Edible Schoolyard Project at King's Middle school under the Bee Experimental Education in Schools program.

King's has already housed a hive of Russian bees and children have been trained in how to catch and maintain the insects. They are also been taught about pollination through watching the bee's activity and examining them under a microscope.
Edible Schoolyard Director Kyle Cornforth said: “It’s so important for the kids to understand how many of the foods we eat and enjoy could not be possible without bees and other pollinators."

Bees have been under threat for a while now and with the problem of Colony Collapse Disorder schemes like this are a welcomed idea. The Edible    Schoolyard hope to extend the program to Willard and Longfellow middle schools by Spring 2013.


Via Berkeley Side

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