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10 Beer Trends Predicted for 2014

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10 Beer Trends Predicted for 2014
Photo Creative Bloq

So what's new in the beer world? We turned to the experts to find out what big beer trends are predicted for 2014. The trends themselves are divided in two areas: beer production and packaging. Let's take a look:

Marisol Pierce-Quinoñez from Culture Cheese Magazine predicts that we'll be seeing big changes in terms of beer flavors coming into the market. Here are the top five flavors she foresees in American craft beers:

  • Alcoholic Ginger Beers
  • Sour Beers
  • Smoked Beers
  • Wine-Beer Hybrids
  • Japanese and Japanese-inspired Beers

When it comes to beer packaging, we relied on the knowledge of Stuart Chapman from British design research agency The Big Picture. In an interview with the Creative Bloq, Chapman revealed his top five picks:

  • Labels featuring copper, an element that is scarce and adds a luxurious feel to packaging
  • App-inflated design that mimics "the distinctive rounded rectangular shape of app icons"
  • Matte-black labels to make bottles and cans look sleek
  • Freighted labels inspired by luggage tags that "champion the spirit of travel and adventure"
  • Drawn freeform labels that express "individuality and character"

These beer trends certainly seem exciting and we can't wait to see how well they fare with consumers this year. We think another trend worth noting is beer foraging - an idea practiced at the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen. The team of chefs and researchers often go into the wild looking for unique and exotic ingredients to use in beer making. Watch below to see how it's done:

What do you think of these beer trends? Tell us in the comments below!

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