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The Brewery Powered By Beer

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The Brewery Powered By Beer
Photo Alaskan Brewing Co.

Any beer lover knows a pint of their favorite brew can be thirst-quenching. But can it also be energizing? Brewers in Alaska seem to think so.

The Alaskan Brewing Co., which is based in Juneau, is using a special boiler system that uses its spent grain instead of fuel for powering most of its operations. It's an eco-friendly measure that is saving the company up to $450,000 a year.

The unique boiler solved a challenge the brewery had for some time. After making 150,000 barrels of beer annually, disposing of the leftover malt and barley was becoming an expensive problem. Although they sold most of it, they were barely making a profit from it because of intensive labor that went into drying the grains before shipping them out of state.

''We had to be a little more innovative just so that we could do what we love to do, but do it where we're located,'' Alaskan Brewing co-founder Geoff Larson told the Huffington Post

Four years ago, the brewery started looking for options and settled on this special $1.8 million furnace, which was built by a North Dakota company. The furnace uses only the brewery's spent grain, which is a completely renewable source. So far, other breweries have yet to catch up to this green technology.

Is there anything that beer can't do? Read all about awesome beer innovation in the company's press release.

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