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Beer from The Nordic Food Lab

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Beer from The Nordic Food Lab

The team from The Nordic Food Lab and Carlsberg brewing company have joined forces to create a range of three custom beers.

The Nordic Food lab, which is an experimental food group established by Rene Redzepi in Copenhagen, will work alongside the brewer to develop three unique beers.

Michael Bom Frøst from the Nordic Food Lab said they “will look into wild nature for finding ingredients that taste well and help in creating beer that will be sought after for accompanying a meal.”

There's no talk as to what flavors the beer will be based on or if they will eventually be served at Noma, but the master brewer from Carslberg who will work with the lab said he could "imagine a Baltic Porter produced with seaweed."

The Nordic Food Lab is know for it's ongoing experimentation and research into new ingredients from the Nordic region, including interesting mosses, fungi, miso and even insects.

Whatever the results we can't wait to hear about some of the interesting experiments they try while brewing.


Via Wall Street Journal

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