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Town Unveils Public Beer Fountain

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Town Unveils Public Beer Fountain
Photo Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

In news that may inadvertently lead to the crashing of the Skyscanner website, a small town in Slovenia has just unveiled a public beer fountain, Europe's first.

Those imagining scenes akin to Hogarth’s Beer Street and Gin Lane (1751) may be disappointed however. As France 24 reports, for $6.75 (€6), beer enthusiasts can purchase a special microchipped glass that allows them to pour a mere decilitre of local Slovenian beer from each of the five taps in the small central town of Žalec. The beer fountain was recently unveiled in a small ceremony.

It’s a long way to go for a beer tasting, but hey, we all know people who take their beer that seriously. No takeaways though by the sound of it.

Beer Region

That’s okay however, as the intention is to increase tourism in the region, which is known for its hop–growing, so they’ll be plenty of additional pit stops for thirsty travellers on route to the Žalec park that’s home to the beer fountain.

"The point is not letting people get drunk here, we want to promote the culture of drinking beer," said mayor Janko Kos.

Turizem Žalec/Facebook

However, as The Telegraph reported, not everyone on the town's council was happy when plans for the beer fountain were unveiled earlier in the year, with a third voting against it's construction.

Slovenia's capital Ljubljana will host the TOP VINO international wine festival on 17 October.

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