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WATCH: How To Go Beer Foraging

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WATCH: How To Go Beer Foraging
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René Redzepi and his team over at the Nordic Food Lab have made a career out of foraging. Heck, it's a technique that made Redzepi's cuisine unique and garned him the title of the world's best chef three years in a row. But just when picking herbs in the wild has become mainstream, the lab is turning the concept on its head.

The video below will show you what happens when four guys get in a car and go beer foraging. What exactly is beer foraging? Well, it particularly relates to hunting down herbs that will be used in beer making. Cool, right?

Watch the Nordic Food Lab's Ben Reade go trekking with Rick Stepp, an ethnobiologist from University of Florida, and Trevor Moran, former product sous chef and master forager at Noma. Together, they found dead nettles, chickweed, blackberries, beech leaves, pine shoots, woodruff, ground elder, wood sorrel and wood avens.

If you feel inspired to step out and perform your own beer foraging, be sure to check out the lab's new wild edible plant database to make sure your precious finds are edible.

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