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The Nordic Food Lab Makes Bee Larvae Ceviche

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The Nordic Food Lab Makes Bee Larvae Ceviche
Photo Nordic Food Lab

It's always exciting to see what comes out of the Nordic Food Lab. For a while now a team of dedicated cooks and researchers has been tinkering with edible insects like ants and grasshoppers. Now, they've turned the ceviche trend on its head.

Ceviche, which features seafood cured in lemon juice, is a dish that's popular in Latin America. In recent years, ceviche has stepped into the international spotlight thanks to the efforts of chefs like Gaston Acurio from Peru. 

In a typical ceviche recipe the fish is marinated in acid (such as fresh lemon or lime juice) and 'cooked' without heat. The team at the Nordic Food Lab took that concept to a completely different level by experimenting with different types of protein and acids. Thus, the bee larvae ceviche was born.

The recipe calls for rhubarb vinegar, freeze-dried lingonberries and lemon thyme. But what does bee larvae ceviche actually taste like?

Here's a description by Nordic Food Lab blogger Sebastian Moreno Henao

''The bee larvae gained a slightly firmer external layer through contact with the vinegar, while retaining their creamy center, almost like a spherification; but if we let them stay more than just 3 minutes in the vinegar, the layer became thicker and thicker and the larvae became less creamy and nice to eat.''

For the full recipe head on over to the Nordic Food Lab blog. If you are brave enough to try making this delicacy we suggest you pair it with beer larvae beer, another concoction from the lab.

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