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What The Store Looks Like with No Bees

By FDL on

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What The Store Looks Like with No Bees

Bees are seriously under a lot of pressure right now, from hive collapses to disease and pesticides ruining their colonies, the life of a bee these days is really not much fun.

We're constantly hearing of the falling number of bees and just how important they are for our ecosystem. This is entirely true, if we didn't have bees there are literally hundreds of fruits and vegetables that just wouldn't get the pollination they need.

However important they are it is hard to grasp just what a vital role bees play in our life which is why Wholefoods decided to highlight the issue with their very own demonstration.

They claim that 'one of every three bites of food comes from plants pollinated by honeybees and other pollinators.' and to show this they decided to present images of what one of their stores would look like without any bees in the world.

As you can see from the above image it's not a pretty site. They eventually removed around 52% of the store because the ingredients required to make the products would just not be available with bees. 

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    Great story. I liked this doc regarding this subject.

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