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Get Paid 10K to Travel and Eat BBQ for Two Weeks

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Get Paid 10K to Travel and Eat BBQ for Two Weeks
Photo Mark Longair: Flickr

There’s not many jobs that let you bring your friend along for the ride, then again, there’s also not many jobs where you’re paid a gross sum of cash to spend your days discovering and devouring BBQ.

That’s exactly what’s on offer from a company who make the food wrapping in the United States. Reynolds Wrap are hiring for a position called ‘Chief Grilling Officer’ when the job description more aptly suits the title of ‘Chief BBQ Eater’.

It’s evidently a PR stunt which is strangely aimed at somehow bolstering the popularity of food wrap! The job requires no qualifications other than “you don’t mind being paid to taste test some of the most delicious grilled dishes from across the country” and you have the technical ability to spend your time “posting envy-inducing pictures of your finds and falling asleep every night dreaming about your next meal.”

The position lasts just two weeks but the company, determined to give food wrap a cool names once again, will pay the winning applicant $10,000 for them and a friend to travel across the U.S and nosh on som series BBQ goodness.

All you have to do to apply for the saliva inducing position is send 100 words about why you are the perfect fit, alongside a picture of your favorite BBQ recipe to

If you're not one for the hard work of eating two weeks of BBQ, why not make your own at home with these top BBQ Tips. 

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