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A Cultural 'Culinary' Collaboration - Roca and Acurio

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A Cultural 'Culinary' Collaboration - Roca and Acurio

The pastry master Jordi Roca from Spain and the Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio are set to work together on a new BBC television show that sees people placed together to form collaborations.

Called Collaboration Culture the sixth episode in the series will see Jordi and Gaston work together to create some special sweets from four rare potatoes sourced in the High Andes.

The two chefs will need to work together and combine both their styles during the collaboration. Jordi Roca is well known for his creative and innovative approach to desserts. With Gaston known for his passion and knowledge of Peru and its cuisine, this is sure to be an interesting collaboration.

It's an ambitious project from the duo to take what is essentially a savory ingredient and make sweet dishes with it. Speaking to the BBC Gaston said, " Potatoes are in the salty if you want to do something new why not make a sweet world for potatoes?"

A challenge that Jordi seems to relish, explaining to the BBC that he loves to create new sweet dishes, "It's perhaps the best feeling you can have as a chef, it's like scoring a goal. The feeling of doing something new...when you're discovering your own path - that feels the best."

The episode will air on BBC World News on the 4th August 2012.

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