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Obama Chooses Italian to Celebrate Wife's Birthday

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Obama Chooses Italian to Celebrate Wife's Birthday

Even the president of America has to remember his wife's birthday but what does one of the world's most powerful men do to celebrate the occasion? In the case of Barack Obama he took her for a nice romantic Italian meal.  

To mark the 49th birthday of his wife Michelle, Barrack took her to the Cafe Milano restaurant in Washington. It's reported that a fleet of SUVs pulled up outside the restaurant just before the president and his wife began celebrations.

What did they eat? To start they enjoyed some buffalo mozzarella and marinated peppers. For their first dish they each took fusilli pasta cooked in a Genevan style with pecorino cheese from Rome. Their second dishes included bass cooked with a fennel and a turnip top puree and beef tagliati with black salt. To finish the president and his wife enjoyed some pear and ricotta cheese.

Cafe Milano is owned by Franco Nuschese who has been running the restaurant in Washington for the past 20 years. 2013 is the year of Italian culture throughout America with a number of events, programs and meals planned to celbrate Italian influence across the States.

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