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Bakery Sues Pan Maker Over Ruined Cakes

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Bakery Sues Pan Maker Over Ruined Cakes

A bakery in the US is suing a pan making company after they say pans they bought warped in the oven causing $120,000 in damages.

The case is being brought by Alessi Bakeries from Florida. They claim they bought 35,000 new pans, just take a second to take that amount in, that’s around $5,000 on cake pans.

The Tampa Bay Times reports the pans were bought from US Foods, who will not comment on any open legal cases, and apparently a defect meant that once used, heat in the oven caused them to warp, ruining Alessi’s Tres Leches sponge cake operation.

The case states that Alessi is seeking damages for the cakes that were ruined, just remember, that’s $120,000 in cake plus the cost of the pans.

One lesson to take home from all this? There’s some series money in cakes.

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