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Couple’s Cruel Tipping Game Shocks Everyone

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Couple’s Cruel Tipping Game Shocks Everyone
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Tipping in restaurants is a contentious issue, with some restaurants raising prices and banning tipping all together, but no one, surely, could condone one couple’s approach to rewarding good service.

The internet has been ablaze this week after a screenshot of a Facebook post (see below) appeared on Twitter from an unknown man went viral. In it, the man boasts of heading out to dinner with his wife and playing a pretty abhorrent game with their server.

“So I took the wife out for dinner last night and we have always talked about doing this,” the man begins. (At this point his use of the definite article should set alarm bells ringing). “You put five singles [one dollar bills] out on the table at the beginning of the dinner for the waiter/waitress to see,” he continues. (Don’t say anything) and if they mess up you take a dollar away and so on. At the end of dinner, how ever much is left, is their tip.”

Wow. Understandably, most on social media are aghast at the couple’s behaviour, with some choice suggestions as to what they can do with their, at a maximum, five dollar tip. What’s truly skin crawling is how much enjoyment the couple seem to take out of a stranger jumping through hoops for them.


There is one saving grace, however. As the original post has yet to be traced, perhaps this is a hoax and people like this don’t actually exist? No, they definitely do, as anyone who has been a server will attest to.


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