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Sushi Restaurant Accused of “Wasabi Terrorism”

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Sushi Restaurant Accused of “Wasabi Terrorism”

A sushi restaurant in Osaka, Japan has been accused of an act of “wasabi terrorism” after being caught adding unwanted extra helpings of the spicy condiment to foreigners’ plates.

The practice came to light after diners' (reportedly largely Chinese and Korean) photographs of their wasabi-smothered meals, sometimes with double the normal amount, went viral, with some claiming they were the subject of racism and discrimination, and the victims of "hate crime."

The Ichibazushi restaurant chain has since come clean and issued an apology, but denied discrimination, telling Channel News Asia: "Because many of our overseas customers frequently order extra amounts of pickled ginger and wasabi, we gave them more without checking first ... The result was unpleasant for some guests who aren't fans of wasabi."

Imagine how irked these diners would be to discover that only roughly 5% of wasabi served in Japanese restaurants worldwide is actually wasabi?

Via The Daily Meal

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