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The Worst Service Faux Pas According to Danny Meyer

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The Worst Service Faux Pas According to Danny Meyer
Photo Union Square Hospitality

New York restaurateur Danny Meyer is as good a person as any to ask about the dos and don’ts of restaurant service.

In a recent interview the Union Square Hospitality Group CEO was asked to choose the one service faux pas that riles him more than any other and it was staff giving diners way more information than asked for.

This is what he had to say:

I can’t stand it when someone answers a question I never asked them, whether it’s a sommelier or the server, or the person serving the cheese. It’s really impressive if I ask you about the cheese, when you have the answer ... but it’s depressive to me when you tell me everything about the five cheeses, even before knowing that I care or that I even want cheese.”

But, he continues: “It comes from a good place: they’re proud that they know who milled the flour that went into the awesome bread.”

Listen to the full interview with Eater here, in which he also discusses his decision to eliminate tipping in all his restaurants and his desire to see the meal cheque become a thing of the past.

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