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Restaurant Owner's Personal War with Negative Yelpers

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Restaurant Owner's Personal War with Negative Yelpers

We’ve highlighted a number of examples of chefs and restaurant owners deciding to bite back against negative online reviews with their own, often funny, replies in the past few months but the latest case is one we’re really not sure about.

Mark Neary, restaurant owner at the OneFold restaurant in Denver, is causing quite a stink with his rather cutting and to the point responses to bad reviews he receives online.

As reported in Eater, the restaurateur called a 74-year-old customer who complained about the restaurant an asshole and more recently he set about having a war with a power Yelper who he claimed had tried to watch porn on his laptop using the restaurant’s wi-fi.

We actually love it when a restaurant owner or chef puts an assay reviewer in their place and particularly loved this example of a restaurant owner explaining why a customer was very wrong to complain about price, but we’re not entirely sure about Neary’s tact.

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