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Restaurant Turns Terrible Review into a Drink

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Restaurant Turns Terrible Review into a Drink

We've covered some pretty creative review comebacks at FDL HQ and, we have to admit, we love it when a snarky online reviewer gets put in their place.

The latest example of an angry keyboard warrior getting the creative treatment is that of online reviewer Wayne S.

Angry at what he perceived to be a pretty “poncey” place, Wayne S took to TripAdvisor to leave a one-star review of The Old Butcher’s bar and crab kitchen in Bristol, England.

"The owner struts about in dungarees, and if he has the chance to check his reflection he damn well makes sure he does,” added an obviously upset Wayne S.

“Would I eat there?”, he asked himself, before replying to himself, “never, only had crab on the menu anyway.”

Now, the owner, Ben Gatt, didn’t decide to get angry with Wayne S, he didn’t even take it upon himself to point out that crab kitchens normally sell a lot of crab. What Gatt took particular note of in the review was Wayne S’s reference to his fashion.

In a brilliant response to the review, Gatt took to the company’s Facebook to explain to Wayne S that his negative review had in fact inspired a brand new drink at the restaurant, “The Ponce’s Dungarees”.

Anyone wondering about the recipe for a Ponce’s Dungaree will be happy to know it’s pretty easy to make. It’s a mix of white wine, rose wine, Bols Blue liqueur and gomme syrup - a sweet sounding drink for a sweet smack down.



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