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Introducing Europe’s First All-Avocado Restaurant

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Introducing Europe’s First All-Avocado Restaurant
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The most popular green thing on Instagram now has a dedicated restaurant, and no, it’s not just open for brunch.

The Avocado Show is slated to open in Amsterdam’s De Pijp neighbourhood in February and will be serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late night snacks, as well as offering a delivery service. The team behind it are currently finalising their menu, but diners can reportedly expect numerous brunch options, avocado burger buns (possibly served with avocado fries?), sandwiches and possibly even smoothies and ice cream.


Co-owner Ron Simpson told Munchies he was inspired by the rise of main ingredient restaurants, as well as avocado’s obvious popularity on social media. “People, including myself, throw avo on just about any dish and are making extremely creative dishes with it. So we decided to open a Valhalla for anyone who loves avocado,” he said.

Is this now the most Instagrammable restaurant on the planet? Perhaps, but there is a dark side to our obsession with the buttery fruit, on both sides of the Mexico/US border where they're grown, involving deforestation, water shortages – growing a pound of avocados requires roughly 72 gallons – and the increasing involvement of drugs cartels in the trade.

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