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'Avocado Hand' Injuries on the Rise

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'Avocado Hand' Injuries on the Rise
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Injuries from cutting avocados are on the rise, so much so that surgeons are now dubbing the phenomenon 'avocado hand.'

According to a report in the Mirror, surgeons are seeing increasing numbers of patients visiting A&E with injuries from cutting avocados, some that can lead to permanent damage and loss of mobility.

Avocados are of course one of the biggest food trends of recent times in the West, from the brunch staple smashed avo on toast to restaurants dedicated entirely to the fruit. But avocado hand is becoming such a problem, in the UK at least, that the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons is calling for warning labels.

Let's put this into persepective however: our insatiable desire for the green stuff is having far wider negative effects than one or two Instagram posts gone horribly wrong, including deforestation, water shortages and serious problems with organised crime in producing countries. 

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