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New App Identifies Authentic Italian Produce

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New App Identifies Authentic Italian Produce

In a bid to reduce Italian food fraud and protect the "Made in Italy" brand, a new free smartphone app has been developed to help consumers identify authentic Italian food from foreign fakes.

Created by non-profit organisation Reliabitaly, shoppers in Italy or abroad can simply use the app to scan food barcodes to verify if their selected product is indeed authentically Italian. It also gives information about how the item was made in Italy, along with photographs, technical information and videos.

In a market place plagued by counterfeit parmesan, balsamic vinegar and wine, to mention but a few favourites, the creators of the app explain that "The aim is to protect and preserve the global prestige of 'Made in Italy' products." An attempt worth making given fake Italian foods are said to command a global market worth of 54 billion euros, twice the value of real food exports, according to The Times.

The app is available here.

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