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5 Asian Dining Trends from Some of Asia's Best Chefs

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5 Asian Dining Trends from Some of Asia's Best Chefs

With the dining scene across Asia exploding at the moment with hundreds of new restaurants, exciting chefs and flavor searching food lovers biting down on a part of the world that's packed with variety, tradition and beautiful ingredients - it's no surprise that so much attention is being focused on this part of the world.

On February 24th Asia's 50 Best Restaurants List for 2014 will be released at a ceremony in Singapore, once again, world attention will focus on Asian cuisine and exactly what's happening with dining in the Continent.

To try and offer some sort of idea of how the dining scene in Asia looks at the moment, the team from Asia's 50 Best Restaurants have created this great video highlighting 5 new dining trends in Asia.

Some of the world's best chefs and Asian based journalists feature in the video,  offering up their opinion on what's happening at the moment with Asian dining.

1: The Rise of Young Chefs - exciting young and local chefs working in Asia. The rise of Asian cooking schools rather than traditional apprenticeships.

2: Everyone's a Critic - the largest online review website in the world comes from China and there are many benefits and negatives attached to this.

3: Green Card - the issues of sustainability is becoming a much bigger approach towards food in Asia. Environmentally friendly, sustainable agricultural production that is starting to spread across Asia with customers more interested in where their food is coming from. Unsustainable fish is something that still needs to be looked at further.

4: Size Matters - small dining areas with communal eating, great service and flavors with smaller menus and lower prices. Big focus on sharing, younger chefs with a passionate approach and no reservations. Straightforward food that people can relate to - similar to what happened in Paris with Bistronomy.  

5: Close to Home - local cuisine is starting to leave behind the street stalls and make its way into restaurants. People are stepping away from French and Italian cuisine to bring Asian fine dining to the forefront.

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