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Argentina: 20,000 Restaurants Nix Salt Shakers

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Argentina: 20,000 Restaurants Nix Salt Shakers
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Most chefs frown upon diners adding salt to their food before tasting it. Other than upsetting restaurant workers, excess salt in your diet can lead to hypertension. That's why 20,000 restaurants in Argentina have banned salt shakers from their tables.

The measure has been implemented in bars, hotels and restaurants across Buenos Aires, the country's capital. It is there where three out of every 10 residents suffer from hypertension, a situation which prompted health officials to take action.

''In nine cases out of 10, hypertension can be cured by lowering salt intake, increasing physical activity and maintaining an ideal weight,'' explained the Alejandro Collia, the city's minister of health.

Collia said the health department partnered with the Argentinean Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Owners to remove the salt shakers and offer educational pamphlets to customers.

But what about those who can't resist adding salt to their food? Restaurant employees will provide salt shakers on demand and only after diners have taster their foods.

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