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10 of The Best and Worst April Fool's Food Pranks

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10 of The Best and Worst April Fool's Food Pranks
Photo Gourmet Traveller

It comes just once a year, April Fool’s, the day the BBC convinced the world that pasta grows on trees, the day millions of you around the world replaced the icing in those biscuits with minty fresh toothpaste.

It’s the day of shock, jokes and sneaky tactics and the day, it seems, where almost every brand in the world forgets they built their actual brand on trust and decides to lie to us, right to our faces, at least until 12pm.

2015 has been no different and with that in mind here’s a round up of some of the Best and Worst April Fool’s Food Pranks.

Duck Off (pictured above) 
Gourmet Traveller reports that Heston Blumenthal is turning his Fat Duck tasting menu into an all duck menu with signature dishes such as Snail Porridge becoming Duck Porridge and Bacon and Egg Ice Cream replaced with nitro-scrambled duck-egg and duck-bacon ice-cream. The report also suggests the British chef is training a set of ducks, caught from the Thames in London, to deliver certain course to the table.

Driverless Delivery
We’ve all been getting excited about the idea of drone food delivery but the pizza chain Domino’s took it a step further today with news they would be launching a driverless delivery vehicle. Called Domi-No-Drivers - the two wheeled vehicles can apparently whizz through the streets using their own navigation system and can even apologise for bad driving manoeuvres with an LED screen that displays messages such as ‘sorry’ and ‘what am I like?’.

Cho-Apocalypse has a breaking news story on the site about the 2015 Cocoa Crisis - a story in which they claim higher demands for cacao are leading to a lack of supplies around the world. A world without chocolate, just imagine.

Tired of regular plates? Of course you are, who isn’t? Traditional plates are so 19th century in style and terribly hard to digest. Step in Po-Plate-Os - a new plate design made of 100% potato. The makers say on top of being tasty, the plates are fully biodegradable and that’s before you think of the time saving on washing up.

Galaxy Blade
Chef’s Edition We’ve looked at concepts and futuristic hi-tech knives before on FDL but the new Galaxy Blade Chef’s Edition brings your phone and knife into one place. The makers say the phone has ‘sensors and algorithms that can learn your strength, dexterity, and grip’ helping people slice up to 50% faster than with an ordinary knife.

When Eight Hands are Better Than One  
One handle per cup, it’s been the standard way of operating for years, but why? Why reduce the sharing potential? The Octo-Pot brings your next tea session to whole new heights allowing up to eight people to indulge in the same cup. There’s also a teapot in the same design.

Ego Eggs
How do you like your eggs in the morning? How about personalised with funky lettering and freshly laid on Easter Sunday? For the egg lover who has everything, by

Power Nap Cafe
Forget refuelling your energy levels with a shot of caffeine. The coffee house Costa say they’re launching a line of power nap cafes in which customers can order coffee and take a 15-minute nap on ostrich pillows before waking to a hot cup of coffee.

Munchie Matchmaker
The online delivery site EatNow has today launched their new Munchie Matchmaker app that allows singles to meet other like minded singles though their shared loved of food. A sort of Tinder with a shared love of pizza your main reason for swiping right.

Clear Marmite
They say you either love or hate Marmite and in an attempt to make more people love over hate, the company behind the yeast based spread say they have launched a totally clear spread. They say that psychologists h”ave told them that ‘eating dark-coloured foods for breakfast can provoke feelings of negativity" and that their new clear spread which as taken 15 years to develop will have the opposite affect.

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