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Anthony Bourdain Rips Into Food Trends

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Anthony Bourdain Rips Into Food Trends
Photo Screengrab/YouTube

Anthony Bourdain appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week and took the time to record a little bonus footage ripping in to some of the hottest food trends of the moment. 

In the clip below, the chef, author and broadcaster gives his verdict on nine different food trends, including avocado on toast, juice bars and cronuts. You might be surprised at what he does and doesn't like. He also reveals what he thinks is the worst food trend of all.  

Bourdain recently weighed in with some similarly strong opinions on fake meat

Back at the end of last year we layed out some of our food trend predictions for 2017. So, Anthony, what do you think of these then?

Watch young Gordon Ramsay wow Bourdain



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