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22 Pics That will Infuriate Professional Chefs

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22 Pics That will Infuriate Professional Chefs

Chefs are creatures of habit: it comes with the routine required to run a professional kitchen and anyone who has worked in a world class place will tell you there are a lot of rules. Rules for prepping, rules for serving, rules for storing and rules for health and safety. Chefs need things to be done a certain way, which is why we know the next collection of images are going to send heads spinning.

It’s a full on collection of kitchen insanity with everything from brining in the bag to some of the laziest kitchen storage we’ve ever encountered. Get a hot brew ready because this stuff will make you mad.

Brining in The Bag

Bearnaise in a Jar 

Storage Stacking

Scarce Storage 

We've heard of a Steak Knife but this? 

What a Shift!

Pasta on Ice 

OCD Alert 

Health and Safety Alert 

You said a lid, not what size

If life gives you lemons, at least cut them in half. 

No words! 

Still no words... 

Storage witin storage: Canception?

These Whites 

This Walk-in 

Because this happens


This dullness

Chopping board in the oven 

What a day...



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