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Chef Totally Loses it in the Kitchen

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Chef Totally Loses it in the Kitchen
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Kitchens are hot, intense places with their own sets of rules. It's easy to lose your cool, but as a chef-owner you have to set an example.

Unfortunately that seems to be lost on this propiertor. In the clip from Kitchen Nightmares below, Gordon Ramsay is visiting yet another failing restaurant Stateside and its easy to see why: the chef-owner, one of two brothers, spends half his time schmoozing customers at the bar, only to return to the kitchen to help sink the service.

It gets so bad in there that he ends up attacking one of the other cooks, a definite no-no: if you can't stay calm when all hell is breaking loose, what hope is there for the people working under you?

This is a classic example of how not to behave in the kitchen and thankfully this kind of behaviour is largely unheard of now, in top kitchens at least. Can you imagine any of the world's top chefs kicking off like this? They just need to give you a look and you know you're in trouble, like the time Grant Achatz kept messing up a service at The French Laundry under Thomas Keller's steely gaze. 

This has reminded us slightly of this classic footage of a chef totally flipping out in the kitchen – he doesn't attack anyone as such, but his rampage is swiftly and decisively brought to an end by another member of staff. 

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