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Have You Read the Andy Warhol Cookbook?

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Have You Read the Andy Warhol Cookbook?
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The late pop–artist Andy Warhol is indelibly tied with food due to his famous appropriation of a Campbell’s soup can, but did you also know there’s an Andy Warhol cookbook out there?

Wild Raspberries was written and illustrated by Warhol and friend Suzie Frankfurt in 1959, three years before the aforementioned Campbell’s Soup Cans, and is a tongue-in-cheek send-up of pretentious French gastronomy. The recipes, all accompanied by simple illustrations, some coloured, include such gems as Piglet a la Trader Vic’s and Omelet Greta Garbo. You can see more over on Vogue.

The Warhol Effect

A collection of 19 original drawings and lithographs from Wild Raspberries are on sale now until 2 August through Christie’s. Starting prices are in the low thousands, but beware of the Warhol effect: his most expensive painting, 1963’s Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster), sold for $105.4 million in 2013.

The book is also available to buy in hardback here.

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