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A Guide to Weird, Wild and Wonderful Foods

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A Guide to Weird, Wild and Wonderful Foods

Andrew Zimmern is a TV chef famed for his fearless approach to eating just about anything on his show Bizarre Foods.

Now the culinary explorer with an iron stomach is releasing a infield food guide for other fearless eaters. Called, Andrew Zimmern's Field Guide to Exceptional Weird, Wild and Wonderful Foods, the guide will offer tips and advice on where in the world to dine on bizarre foods.

Toes, Haggis, Hearts, Tarantula almost everything that is healthy to consume and can be classed as weird is in this book. So if you fancy chomping down on some brains and want to know the best place to do it or need directions for the best fried spider in town then this is the field guide for you.

The guide is launched on the 30th October.

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