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Andoni Luis Aduriz's Candy Project -

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Andoni Luis Aduriz's Candy Project -

Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz from the Mugaritz restaurant has launched a new campaign called The Candy Project with the aim of researching the candies of the world.

The chef has teamed up with Iñaki Martínez de Albeniz, a sociologist from The Basque Country Univeristy to conduct an in depth study about a number of factors. “What are candies? When and how they are consumed? What is the predominant flavor of the candies in your country? Where and how they are sold? What candy marked your childhood?”

The project will involve large data collection in which people are asked to fill in a questionnaire about candy with topics such as Candy Economy, Candy Memories and Candy Semantics.

The team say that the data collected will go towards building a “world map of candies’ cultural diversification” and answering just a few of the “endless questions” when it comes to candy.

“Candies are strongly present on our day-to-day life nevertheless, as many other truly interesting things, go unnoticed.” explains the website, “The Candy Project seeks to answer these questions and rescue the true meaning of candies through a systematic study of its textures and flavors. The project will trace candy’s historical evolution, will analyze the incidence in childhood and trace the relation it has in children’s formation.”

The team, which also includes Slow Food International and the University of Gastronomic Sciences, hope to show how weather and globalisation have changed the way in which we consume candy with what has to be the first conclusive study of its kind.

We’ll keep a close eye on their findings and for now, head over to the site and explore the Candy Project.

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