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Amy Schumer Leaves $500 Tip for College Student

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Amy Schumer Leaves $500 Tip for College Student
Photo @amyschumer/Instagram

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer made the day, month and possibly year of one Boston college student recently, by leaving her a huge $500 tip.

Schumer visited Boston’s Union Oyster House recently whilst filming in the city, People reports, tucking into oysters and clam chowder with a friend. On finding out that her server was currently a co-ed at Emmanuel College, Schumer decided to leave a whopping extra $500 on the $80 tab, telling her that she too was once a waitress and she knew how hard it was.

According to the restaurant’s owner Joe Milano, the server was “really happy” with the tip, which will help to pay for tuition for the new semester.

Schumer has form for this kind of thing: in 2016 she tipped bartenders at a New York City theatre $1000 on a $77 tab.

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