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8 of the Craziest 'Mad Skills' Food Videos On the Web

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8 of the Craziest 'Mad Skills' Food Videos On the Web

If you ask me, one of the best things that's come from the internet is the steady stream of user generated content uploaded daily on sites like YouTube. I'm not talking videos of babies that look like adults, cats that talk like babies and the rest of the fish bowl content that washes into the mix. More the unique finds, rare discoveries and imagery that we wouldn't see if it wasn't for the sharp eyed smartphone users of the world.

I'm talking the the 'mad skills' videos showing people doing crazy things and, in this particular instance, crazy things with food. Cooking with five woks? No problem, make it 12. Spinning pizza to Asian pop music? Got your back, i'll even chuck in a chick dicing onions on the underground and a man who can fry chicken with his bare hands.

Here's 8 of the Craziest 'Mad Skills' Food Videos on the Web. Don't forget to choose your favorite at the end by voting in the Mad Skills Poll.

Mad Skills Pizza Spinning - Did you know that somewhere in the world right now someone is practicing their double drop backspin dough flip in preparation for their acrobatic pizza spinning performance at the World Pizza Games? This couldn't be made up. In a performance similar to that of a baton touting, pom pom rustling cheerleader stacked on energy drinks, Japanese teenager Kazuya Akaogi bops about on stage like a Pokemon character whose only special skill is to juggle pizza while retaining an energy level similar to that of the hugely irritating Duracell Bunny and its never ending battery life.

Mad Skills Coffee Pouring - Because a latte's not really a latte these days unless it comes with a personal piece of art and in this video from the Urban Bean espresso bar, Sam, Wade and Dean manage to pour some serious masterpieces. We're not talking a boring leaf or crooked smile with eyes and a nose. This is intricate latte art at its best. Dragons, a phoenix, a man surfing on the foam of the coffee and one cup depicting the Sistine Chapel. Ok, one of these is a lie but you'll have to watch the video to work out which one.

Mad Skills Mozart Man - In something that sounds similar to a dying merry-go-round at the world's creepiest fair, this street performer clocks in an energetic rendition of Mozart with nothing more than a couple of sticks and a range of empty bottles. Watch as he hits the notes with all the vigor of a grand pianist taking to the stage for their final ever performance to a room of adoring fans  at the Royal Albert Hall.

Mad Skills Chicken Frying - If you're still questioning whether X-Men style mutants roam freely on the planet alongside the human race, this next video of old 'rock hands' Kann Trichan may help with the answer. Truichan can literally fry chicken in hot oil using his bare hands, something he's happy to demonstrate again and again without the slightest hint of the seething pain us mere mortals would suffer were we to dip our hands into boiling fat. Trichan is rumored to be making a cameo in the next Marvel movie, Iron Hands.

Mad Skills Cotton Candy  - Known to his friends and locals as The Candy King, this rhythmic cotton candy spinner plies his trade to passers by while bopping to the catchy beats of Michael Jackson. It's the sort of video that will either have you grabbing for MJ's greatest hits, ordering yourself a cotton candy machine or falling in the shower as you try to recreate the moves you've just seen. I'm going for all three, although, I'm not entirely convinced the candy machine will fit in the shower.

Mad Skills Wok Working  - From the opening credits of the video it seems this local Chinese chef has become quite the celebrity for his mad wok skills. So much so, the local news channel seems more than content to point a camera in his direction and let the news roll for two, three, four, even five minutes of wok tossing, spinning and fire dodging madness.

Mad Skills Onion Slicing - We're constantly hearing how our busy lives are now too full of very important things that we can't possibly find the time to cook a fresh meal at home. Actually use my kitchen to prepare a meal? There's really not enough hours in the day, unless of course I prep the veg on the way home from work. Sounds mad but that's exactly what the women in the next video does as she slices onions on a crowded subway, an industrial amount of onions actually, I'm not sure if this art or she genuinely had a big meal to prep for.

Mad Skills Noodle Prep - The Men Baka Ichidai restaurant in Kyoto, Japan, where service comes with a bow and a bowl of fiery noodles. Noodles the chef spices with an extremely hot mix of chili, oil and alcohol tossed directly onto the fresh bowl right in front of customers. Amazingly, not one diner has lost their sight from the spectacle but rumor has it that Amazon are constantly in the area delivering fake eyebrows to the chef. (rumor not confirmed. Ok, rumor entirely made up).


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