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Nutty Thief Tries To Steal 75 lbs. of Almonds

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Nutty Thief Tries To Steal 75 lbs. of Almonds
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A man in Brooklyn thought it'd be a great idea to steal 75 lbs. of almonds. That's until his nutty idea went terribly wrong and he dropped the boxes as he ran from the scene.

The NY Post reports the would-be nut thief picked up three 25-lb. boxes of almonds from a delivery van in Williamsburg. Although he tried to make a clean getaway, the man dropped the boxes just a few blocks down perhaps due to their heavy weight.

The man got caught a few hours later when he crashed his car into a park vehicle just two blocks from the scene. He then tried to evade authorities by running but was apprehended by a civilian patrol. Ironically, the cop who resonded to the attempted almond thievery was the same officer called to the scene of the car crash.

The suspect has been charged with third-degree burglary, trespass, attempted petit larceny and leaving the scene of an accident.

The almonds sell for about $4 a pound and might have been intended for sale on the black market.

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Via NY Post

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