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Chef Cooks Epic Meals Out in the Wild

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Chef Cooks Epic Meals Out in the Wild
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If you’ve ever endured a measly portion of lukewarm baked beans out of a metal mess tin on a camping trip, look away now.

Almazan Kitchen, one of our new favourite YouTube channels, takes campfire cooking to another level. The chef, somewhere in the Serbian wilderness we believe, cooks some of the most amazing outdoor food, including juicy steaks, delicious whole chickens and even ice cream.

The videos are incredibly relaxing too and you could easily lose hours just watching this chef cook delicious food prepared with “organic homemade ingredients with a note of Serbian traditional cuisine” on fire and coal.

The channel has been online for around a year and has already clocked up millions of views. Take a look at the videos below and you’ll see why, and head on over to Almazan Kitchen for more.

Almazan Kitcken: cook in the wild


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