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The 4-Minute Documentary For Beer Lovers

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The 4-Minute Documentary For Beer Lovers
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British pubs have always been a great place to unwind, meet people and enjoy a nice brew. However, the dynamics of pubs have been changing for a while now and that's the topic addressed in this 4-minute documentary called All Ale (which you can watch in its entirety below).

All Ale explores the generational changes in pub - how younger crowds are gravitating more towards lagers and shots, while the old school pub goers still order ales.

As one of the bartenders in the film explains:  "The pub's got stuff younger people love but the really younger people hate because they think it's all grandad stuff - but it's actually not that.''

Another gentleman in the film goes on to say there's currently a stigma between drinkers of traditional ales and those go prefer lagers. Go watch to learn more:

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