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Albert Adrià Delivers Strong Warning - We're Running Out of Fish

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Albert Adrià is a much loved chef, his work at elBulli with his brother Ferran has put him at the forefront of Spanish gastronomy and his restaurants in Barcelona are some of the most talked about dining destinations in the Costa Brava.

He doesn’t present much - generally because he’s too busy operating the six restaurants he now runs - but when he does it’s time to listen.

Speaking at the recent Food on The Edge symposium in Ireland, Adrià took the time to talk about a problem he says he is facing in Spain and one that is affecting the entire food industry - the over fishing of the oceans.

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In a stark presentation, Adrià talks about how in a short space of time he has seen ingredients from the sea slowly disappearing. Mussels, lobsters and urchins are just a few of the ingredients the Spanish chef mentions as he encourages chefs and consumers around the world to take note and make changes.

Changes that include altering dining habits, eating smaller fish and on the chef’s part - discovering exciting new ingredients that are in abundance to present to diners.

We hear all the time that our oceans are in serious danger but when one of the world’s best chefs, and someone who uses the sea as a source everyday, explains that things need to change, it’s time to take note.

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