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Alain Ducasse To Launch University of Taste

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Alain Ducasse To Launch University of Taste
Photo Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse/Facebook

Ferran Adrià isn't the only chef trying to build a website about gastronomy. Legendary French chef Alain Ducasse has announced he will launch a website full of recipes, cookings tips and an ingredient database.

Dubbed "The University of Taste,'' the website will debut in May but the official url has yet to be announced. Parts of the website will be free but users will have to pay up to 5 euros a month to access exclusive content, Le Monde reports.

Unlike Adrià, Ducasse isn't seeking to codify the cooking genome, instead he will join the growing movement of online culinary instruction with step-by-step guides and cooking videos. It's a lucrative business that faces competition from other web-based schools like Feast, Chefsteps and Creative Signatures, which has worked with Jordi Roca, pastry chef at El Celler de Can Roca, currently ranked as the world's best restaurant.

Ducasse confirmed the participation of French chefs Thierry Marx, Alain Dutournier and Frédéric Vardon but intends to recruit dozens - even hundreds - of other talented chefs from around the world. The website will be in French but Le Monde reports that in 2015 there are plans to offer translations in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese.

When not working on his website, Ducasse keeps busy with his worlwide restaurant empire, including a chocolate shop in Paris and designing gourmet meals for astronauts.

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