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Alain Ducasse Says You Should Not Keep Chocolate in The Fridge

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Alain Ducasse Says You Should Not Keep Chocolate in The Fridge
Photo Photo: Gary Hamill / Louis Hansel

Legendary, decorated Michelin starred-chef Alain Ducasse says you shouldn’t put chocolate in the fridge and seeing as he is the proprietor of no less than 10 chocolate outposts, including his new opening in Coal Drops Yard, in King’s Cross, London.

"Storing in the fridge should be avoided," Monsieur Ducasse told Business Insider. "Chocolate should be kept between 15°C and 18°C (59°F - 64°F) in a dry place. The best temperature to enjoy it is approximately 20°C (68°F)."

"Ganaches must be eaten within two or three weeks, pralinés within maximum three to four weeks, and bars can be eaten within a few months"

Damien Couliou, managing director of Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse in London went on to explain why room temperature was optimum for chocolate.

"If we go too cold," Couiliou said, "water condenses and the chocolate whitens. If we go too hot (over 20°C), the chocolate melts and becomes soft."

The water interacts with the sugar on a microscopic level, crystalising on the surface of the chocolate, whitening the colour of the chocolate. While it doesn’t affect the taste of the chocolate, it does change the visual aspect of it.

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