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Airline to Set Up Fast-Food Restaurant Selling In-Flight Meals

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Airline to Set Up Fast-Food Restaurant Selling In-Flight Meals

Unless you’re lucky enough to have sampled the high-flying status of first or business class, most people will agree that plane food is not that attractive, which is why its quite odd that a Air Asia are planning to open a fast-food restaurant that serves their airline meals.

The venture will be called Santan, which is the name of the company’s budget in-flight menu which features dishes such as chicken curry with steamed rice, mayo tofu, chicken teriyaki and nasi lemak.

Air Asia CEO, Tony Fernandes, said: “Our food is fantastic. We believe in it so much that we’re going to start a fast-food restaurant out of it.”

It’s notoriously difficult to make great tasting food for an affordable price at the high altitudes planes operate at. Many airlines have tried to improve food with the help of Michelin chefs but without having those chefs actually onboard to cook, the results are usually lacking.

There’s no news on where or when the restaurant will open but it’s certainly a confident play to think people will want to eat plane food on the ground.

Listen to what the experts had to say about why its so difficult to make food taste great at high altitudes.

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